Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Giving it a try

Hey I'm Mary. It's been almost 2 years now and my life is nothing I expected. My mom tells me I should write a book. I think I'll start with a blog.

Two years ago I was a single mom of one little girl. We lived in a nice two bedroom home with our wiener dog Ozzy and our cats Mike and Bob. Life was good. I wanted to date and went through an internet personals. I met Warren. His face looked like a heart. I looked at it a few hundred times and about 6 weeks later I responded to his response. We had our first date commuting home on BART. It was public and safe. I dressed my worst to protect my self for some serial internet dater, Warren now teases me and says I had so many colors on I could have been a rainbow. We hit it off. We have daughters a month apart..... they hit it off. We were married four months later.

That explains two kids. The Girls...... Tanner and Marysa. We have four. My brothers kid was in foster care bouncing from house to house. Me and Warren decided we would take him since my brother wasn't going to get him anytime soon. We applied and got him. Another four year old to add to our family. Three four year olds you'd think we were good
Oops..... Warren birthday came I got pregnant. We gave birth to Sonny in February. My new life adventure began.