Monday, March 21, 2011

My Weight Loss Journal


I know everyone wants to loose weight. My story is this I have layers of issues in my back that cause chronic pain. I have been told if I loose weight it will help with my pain. The issues in my back may never leave me pain free but there are things I can do to lessen it. If loosing weight means that I can go to the grocery store, help at my kids sporting events, ride my bike, play at the park and go on vacations like camping and Disneyland I'm going to do it. I am still happy with My Fitness Pal app on my droid. It's easy to use. I weigh my self daily using my Wii Fit. I have a log of what I'm eating stored in the app. Even if my calories are perfect there are some foods that I choose not to eat as often because I notice I may be fluctuating my weight in the wrong direction.

With my back issues I am limited to what I can do as far as exercise. It has to be low impact and not in the sitting position. I walk and I garden, not lifting anything over 15 pounds. I also have a set of exercises I do laying down to improve my core muscle strength.

My progress is improving my self esteem and I can see the changing in the way I look. I'm not feeling pain relief yet but that takes time.

I hope my journal can help someone else who struggles with pain or weight.

So this is me today 5'10" 183 pounds.