Saturday, January 14, 2012

Family day... good idea or bad idea?

Our family has started the year spending time together on Sunday. I love this idea, unfortunately it doesn't come with a natural excitement and ease for all of us.
In our family, change does not come easy. Our first outing was a walk around our local reservoir. My husband and the boys ran ahead while I trailed behind with my preteen who silently protested by walking as slow as possible. The highlight was her little brother teasing her into tears. The day was not a complete failure but not our finest moment.
Yesterday we hit Briones regional park. This time we all started grumpy. I of coarse planned this one off a memory five years back and took us to the wrong location. First party failure. The hike was long and uphill with long drops to the side. This worried me. My little ones were just to fast and careless running along the path. Warren finished the hike with numbers 2 & 4 of our kids while I meandered back towards the car with numbers 3 & 5. We met about an hour latter and a cool face to face with a couple young bulls. Everyone was in good spirit.
No tears....or just for now. The adventure part of the day worked out. However owning your own freelance writing company on deadlines and unfinished homework made us talk about less family days.
No clue if we will hike next weekend? I'm hoping we do. Being unplugged grumpy or not is priceless. My kids wont be small forever.