Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Fitness Pal

About a week ago my sister-in-law posted on Facebook a link for a free calorie counter. I have been trying to lose my post baby weight for over two years now. I had gone from 140 pounds to 198 pounds. Needless to say, anything to get rid of the weight at this point was welcome. After all, it's starting to feel not like post-baby weight, but just fat.

It kills me every time I see my pre-pregancy photos, or feel like people look at me like I'm lazy. I've done Weight Watchers, Slim fast, Acia Berry cleanse, worked out three times a week on the eliptical, and served as a referee for four youth soccer games a week -- and sometimes all in a single day. Still, I have been stuck at 193 pounds.

Today, I record everything I pop in my mouth on my cell phone with the My Finess Pal, the free calorie counter. So far, a week into it, it seems to be working. Two weeks ago I weighed 198 pounds at the doctors office; today I'm 188 pounds. I'm eating 1,200 calories a day. The app for my cell has a scanner that tells me how may calories and all the other goodies per serving. I can quickly add calories without a bar code. I can also record my activities and it will tell me how many calories I've burned.

Here's the best part: I've eaten chicken nuggets, French fries, tacos, pizza, and beer. OK, I also ate salads, oatmeal, and healthy food, too. I think the trick is I have a running calculator. so I can see if I can afford to eat Taco Bell or if I should go home and eat steamed veggies. I also get more calories the more activies I do. My workout has been three or four brisk walks for 10 minutes a day and gardening with my kids. I am more encouraged to do more activies the hungrier I get, and then after I've done the activity, I'm not as hungry. It's really weird.

I have a ticker at the bottom of my blog so you can see my progress. I want to lose 42 pounds, and today is March 6th. Look at it again in a week or two. If you're trying to lose weight too, chime in and tell me how you're doing -- and what you're doing!

2006 (135 pounds)
2009 (197 pounds)

Today (188 pounds)