Thursday, September 1, 2011

There's something to be said

I debated on an up date on our potty training adventure tonight. Instead I'll put it on hold for something that needs to be said.

I have met some great people as a blogger and had some very serious conversations this week about things that really need to be a big reminder to some people.

The first was a conversation about tolerance, acceptance, racism and just teaching your kids by example. As you can tell by my family photos we are not a pure white family. We are a beautiful family with diversity.
It's normal for us to have differences and love each other. I have good friends who also have beautiful families with different backgrounds blended together, some with same sex parents, some single parents, some who have fur babies instead of human babies, some who have adopted children and some who are just fine without anyone but them. I'm sure I'm not the only one in the U.S.A. who experiences this style of wealth of people in their life.

I'm also not super patriotic but I'm proud of how far we have come from the dark ages we started in where people were slaves, women had no rights and only same sex couples could get married. Now I'm not saying at all we are where I'd love to see us but I'm happy we seem to be moving forward.

Every once in a while I hear something that just makes my stomach turn. That unmentionable things are being said by children about other races, sexuality, body types, age, and ability and it's accepted by their families and used openly. Things that my children would never say being brought up in a home where everyone is valued the same regardless of labels.

Without name dropping here are somethings I heard, saw or read this week that I could go postal about but instead I'm going to allow my big mouth to run on about here. Please feel free to join in if you have something to add.

First I was told about a few teens think it's OK to call people deragitory names regarding sexual orientation loosely. WHO it their right mind would not say something to their child about how this is SOOOOO WRONG and ot to mention hurtful to someone with value and feelings.  I can't 100% blame the child but I sure could knock their parents on their butts for allowing such vulgar words out of their own and childens mouths. Thank God the woman who told me this awful story was a good influance throwing these teens out of her home and explaining why. Luckily the kids showed some remorse and seemed to change but what is wrong with those parents?!!!! What aboutthe kids doing the same thing without a super hero to step in a say something? The second stomach turner...I was showed a blogs post that was extremely ignorant and not class. It was a woman going off about her co-workers. Not only did she not care for them but it sure sounded like it was because of their weight. Apparently it wasn't because they were super models. Coming from a place of a kids that grew up with them nickname Olive Oil to a mother of five who was ounces away from being 200 pounds just a few months ago who into the hell is she to say anyone is over weight because they eat Twinkies and Big Gulps everyday. I can tell you from both sides of the fence you ignorant butt is way out of line. Weight is almost never a choice. The under weight and the overweight most of the time have other things putting up huge barriers to overcome. It's overwhelming and both phyically and emotional for people who do strugle. So think about going on a walk with your co-workers instead of publishing for the worldto read what an idiot you are. With that said I'm feeling better. Our normal warm feeling posts will resume. :-) Oh yeah if you want to vent please join in.

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