Monday, July 13, 2009

Slow down please!!

Monday has a new meaning for me. Today is the last day before a few days back at work. I have my girl friends 20 month old and 6 year old in addition to four fifths of my crew. Normally it's easy to have these two. Today there was a kink in the schedule. Joey's therapy appointment was today. I planned to take the kids to the park before the appointment and drop Sean off with his older brother before he appointment. That worked out as to be expected. The kids played. We got out of the park with one minor injury. My friends daughter walked in front of a swing before I could grab her and has a small bruise on her cheek. She was loved on and ran right back to the swing.

We then all hopped in the car, dropped Sean off and went to therapy. Genna passed out cold in the car. I have Tanner and Joey as my great helpers and Sonny who is still wanting to play hard as usual and Declan who is getting hungry but not showing any signs yet. I get Genna into my back pack, Sonny in his harness and Delcan in the stroller. I always look like a crazy lady parade when I go out, and someone always has to tell me I have my hands full. Joey gets checked in and we head to the waiting room. I lay a passed out Genna on the couch in the waiting area. Sonny, Joey and Tanner play with the worst collection of Lego blocks I have ever seen. Joey and Tanner quietly bicker about if Tanner is singing or not. Sonny has lost interest and wants to explore the hall ways. In this buildings the hallways go every where and would be extremely easy to get lost let alone loose a wild, fast, curious 2 year old. I spent a lot of time speed walking and counting to 3 and playing the I got you game.

Sonny finally gets quiet to hide behind a chair and poop. Of coarse my diapers and wipes are in the car downstairs and Joey's therapist should be walking out to get us any minute, and Sonny wants to be held. YUCK!!! Finally Joe goes into his appointment. Genna is still asleep, Tanner has taken up ballet in the middle of the room, Declan can't wait another minute for his breast. I get things calm and once again Sonny wants me. He starts to whine and hit me for the next 30 minutes. Genna wakes up and is yelling in her jabber at Sonny and I am ready to go. I wait until we are there fifty minutes and then quietly knock on the therapist door and ask if now would be a good time to go home. Joe's therapist is sweet and says it is, gave me a smile and let me take Joey home.

I have to hurry home. Mattias my friends 15 year old son with autism gets dropped off by school bus at 1230pm. I barely beat the bus. YEAH!!! I lay Declan down and he falls right to sleep. Thank God for such a good baby. I get the Mac and Cheese started as the bus drives up. Get T sitting with his lunch, feed the rest of the kids and now I'm sitting down.

For once I think I am glad to go back to work. I need a break.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sonny's changes in play

I know I tell you a lot about Sonny. Right now he's changing so fast I'm afraid I'll forget what he was like when Declan starts running around. I hear from lots of mom's they don't remember the cute stages of their toddles when the baby comes. I never want Sonny to feel I forgot about him being an overwhelmed mother of three schoolers and two babies.

Sonny is defiantly not a child you can take your eyes off even for a minute as I have lived with his multiple ER visits. I don't want to forget how incredibly sweet, and smart he is as well, not to mention a force.

Today we went to the park again. I try to get him there a few times a week. We rotate the parks we go to so we don't get bored. Today we went to the big park in the center of Pleasant Hill. It was just Sonny, Declan and myself. I was brave and didn't use a stroller or a harness. Sonny surprisingly stayed with me and held my hand. He quickly met a child I'd say was about four and played with him. Not next to him in parallel play but with him. Sonny told the boy his name and they ran together to each of the different play areas, he then told another boy to come play with them. It amazed me that he was actually playing and including other children in his play.

One of the mothers of the two boys Sonny was playing with wanted to know when Sonny was going to be four. I smiled since Sonny isn't even two and a half yet.

Leaving the park was hard. Typical Sonny bolted when I told him it was time to go. People stared at me as I ran over mini hills carrying my chubby 21 pound baby Declan, chasing my super fast Sonny. Once I caught him my baby Sonny surprised me once again. Held my hard out to the parking lot where the car was parked, got in the car without a fight and into his car seat. I'm wondering now if I did miss the last part of him being a baby. He was a very big boy for me today.