Wednesday, April 8, 2009

when you get caught up in what's in front of you miss the bigger picture.

Just over two years ago I went on disability to have my first son Sonny. I brought him in the office not even six weeks old to see my friends. It was the last time I saw my friend Michelle. I came back to work a couple weeks at a time for about a year before coming back full time when Sonny was 13 months old. Michelle wasn't in the office. I wasn't worried due to her being in and out of the office in the past. I then found out I was pregnant with my second son Declan and was really sick. I didn't stay at work everyday and finally was pulled out of work when Sonny was 19 months old. While I was out of the office our sister office closed and I asked if she was moved to the new office. I was told she moved. Not a soul told me Michelle had cancer and was out of the office over a year. This morning I opened Facebook to find out Michelle had passed. I am happy she isn't in pain but my heat feels like someone is squeezing it. I am so sad. Michelle was a beautiful person. We often joked about silly things like how we needed to date geeks and be on a coffee call list. I missed talking to Michelle while I've been out with my babies but didn't give it much thought. Now my heart aches I wont ever see her again. God bless Michelle, her family and friends. Michelle I was blessed to have you in my life and will miss you.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good idea is to go Green

Bad idea is to forget to check the weather report before hanging the cloth diapers out to dry.

Monday, April 6, 2009

First is the worst

First let me say my body had a moment I think I left it. I had my first interview with a potential client today. She responded to my ad on From the moment I woke up this morning my stomach was in knots. I was hoping my house was in the same condition it was when I went to bed so I could do a quick vacuum and mop of the kitchen floor and wait. Of coarse there was more to do and I couldn't find my floor cleanser. After I dropped off the kids at school Christina was waiting for me. I let her hold Declan completed my quick cleaning. She headed off to school and I played with Sonny and Genna while I waited. The client rolls up a few minutes past our appointment time. No children just two other women with her. I'm sure my eyes rolled in the back of my head and I began to babble. All I can remember was Sonny wanted a bear and Genna wanted me to wear a bike helmet. I think they were here only a few minutes and they were gone. As soon as I said my good byes I could feel my stomach turn and I almost lost it. Hopefully I wasn't as bad as I thought and I will have a client.