Saturday, August 1, 2009

The end is nearing

My extended stay home is quickly coming to an end.I go back to work on August 4th for two weeks, home two more weeks and back to full-time.

My kids just spent an exciting fun energetic and tiring week at First Lutheran Church, Concord Vacation Bible School. Tomorrow morning they will be singing their songs they learned, even Sonny will be joining in on the fun. Yay!

My weekend is full of laundry, vacuuming, deep cleaning of kitchen and bathroom, making lunches for 4 in advance and making sure day camp bags are packed with sunscreen, towels and changes of clothes. Oh and babysitting Mattias 15 with autism and his sister princess Genna. (also known as Sonny's best pal)

I have been working on a slow acclamation for Sonny into pre-school so it's not so hard on him. When I'm back at work full-time. I'm nervous about my nanny-share for Declan. She seems to communicate better with my partner than me. Anyone who knows me knows I am a hands on mama and if I'm not comfortable I make things happen to be comfortable. My partner keeps reassuring me it will be OK. I sigh. I just want to get her through school so I can relax some. I worry about her and her kids way to much.

I have been interviewing mother's helpers to get Marysa and Joey back and forth from school to music lessons and soccer practice. I think I may have one who will be responsible enough that I don't worry. Now I play the waiting game for the response if my job offer is worth her time or not.

I still have referee class to take and need to find out if I can take U8 and upgrade to U10 if needed, or if I can barrow my referee volunteer from last year. Soccer takes over my life very soon. Yikes! Why do I do this?

To top off everything that needs to get done on my deadline. Warren has been working more. Our house is getting slowly messier, Sonny is calming down some and Declan is becoming mobile. Not to mention Joey's birthday is Tuesday and he wants a bike.

My after the income rolls in more regular tasks are becoming my list of things to do. 1. get carpets cleaned, 2. pack for our move once the new house becomes a reality,3. etc. etc.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have a package to mail

You'd think with mailing stations popping up everywhere mailing a package would be easy. Well I guess if you're on regular business hours? I originally was going to go on my lunch a mail a package and said well Longs Drugs has the mail center I can use that after work. The mail center was broken. Then I remembered the Kinko's is also FedEx and I can mail my package there, except Quiznos next door caught on fire and caused smoke damage. There's a UPS store down the street that is closed on Sunday. I though there was a new Kinko's in the new Kohl's shopping center. Tanner spotted it and said it looks like it closed too. Sure enough it was, it opens at noon and it's 1030 now. I guess we'll go to the park and eat lunch and take a nap then try again. What a pain.