Thursday, May 26, 2011

This is why I've been MIA

I've mentioned I opened Marysa Jane, and I have been working as much as I can making hats, and blankets and tushy wipes. My latest lovely is tutus. My kids--boys and girls both--have been swooning over them. I bet yours will too.

Some are up in the store at already and some will go up tomorrow. I personally LOVE them. They are a lot of fun to make and to watch how happy the kids are trying them on. I can only imagine how fun it is playing in them since I'm not tiny enough for that anymore!

Oh and I've been scouting items to sell from others, some of whom you may or may not know: Earthy Chrunchy Mama, Marine Parents {the shop}, Lindsey's Family Reviews and Giveaways, Mama Pear Designs will be appearing in the next few weeks/months. I am excited to be selling Bare Foot Books and Tammie Handmade Flower clips. I have my fingers crossed that I'll soon have Happy Heinys, my favorite cloth diapers of all time.

Anyhow, I'm very excited! I hope all of you will take a minute to look at it, tell a friend, register in the shop and like my Facebook page. Thanks!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Weight Loss Journal

170 pounds. Down 28 pounds.

As promised a photo of my loss. Feeling very proud. I'm still eating about 1200 calories a day and tracking on MyFitnessPal app for my Droid. I'm still walking when I can and doing light gardening. I'm noticing more often that I can't finish what I put on my plate. This is good, that means I'm developing portion control and my stomach is starting to recognize when enough is enough. Yes I still eat junk. If you didn't know I love McDonalds. I don't order fries or hash browns anymore. I go for snack wraps over burgers and I am drinking a ton of Diet Coke. I do eat healthy as well. I usually don't eat a huge breakfast like I use to. I had to erase the phrase from my thoughts 'Start your day with a healthy breakfast' and replace it with 'grab a piece of fruit when you start feeling hungry'

I have a giant bowl of fruit on my kitchen counter filled with 10 pounds of Cuties,  5 pounds organic small Gala apples, at least 10 medium sized bananas. In the fridge I keep tons of strawberries and cherries on the shelf where they are the first thing I see opening the door. Here's my tip....none of the fruit I buy gets put in a drawer or takes a lot of preparation and is small so I don't need to eat anything giant. The other phase good to erase from memory is 'clean your plate, there are starving children'.

My self image is improving. I am border line confidant to not put my big pants away in my closest for the next time I balloon up but actually donate them. With the help of my hubs and photo taking children I will be posting my exercises a few at a time I can do before I even get out of bed and loose inches in my waist.