Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the road most taken is it the right road?

July 17th I officially gave 10 years to telecoms. Loudly under appreciated. Sure I had three babies and one adoption, two hernia surgeries and one hospitalization and divorce and a marriage. Over ten years, come on guys life happens. I've been at work reliably ready to take the hit from the nastiest people on the planet. Most of the time taking the vinegar right out of their mouths and replacing it with honey. I am "happy" and "understanding" day in and out. I am dynamic changing as fast as you've asked me to be and sometimes even beating your expectations. I leave my kids mile stones to be seen by strangers, . I don't grieve when I should. I keep my mouth shut and accept the job laid before me and give you my all. I show respect towards authority and I'm a team player.

Why should it be that today I'm sitting by my phone an hour after your under delivered promised call. After a third day of suspension pending investigation for having a web page on my computer. A direct link from you own intra company website. Where I was turned in by a woman who no convincing is needed has sold her soul to the devil himself for $50k+ a year.

I'm not gonna quit. You can give me what I want after 10 years dedicated to you. An open door............