Friday, August 12, 2011

Eco Posh and Mother-ease Trainer Review Updates

Eco posh update. Preschool loves them. They are easy to pull up and down. They don't leak every. The drying issues I have from them being so thick are solved by drying them with my towels. The best part is Sonny who occasionally has a night time accident had one while using his and it didn't leak all over the bed. Yay! Eco Posh.

Mother-ease I now understand why preschool is not a fan. We wore them to the park. At the park Declan wet them. He pulled them down and yelled I'm pooping. He wasn't but was really wet. When I pulled them off it was like ringing a sponge all over my pants. I think we will pass on these as the going out trainer. This really bums me out since the only mildly good baby store in the area only carries Mother-ease and Little Beetle. Ugh!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A day that might happen if you're two.

First Mom wakes me up. She changes my diaper while I stretch followed by kisses on my tummy and tickles on my legs. Then I watch Word World while she gets my big brother up. Sing the songs with Mom.

Today Mom took brother and I to Starbucks for Hot Coco and Madelaine cookies. YUM!!
I spend the day playing with my friends at preschool. There was a birthday at school today so we had pizza.

Mommy picks me up when her work is over. She always comes back to get me. I like to yell Mommy and run as fast as I can racing brother to give her a hug. She always pats my head and gives me kisses. We call the besos. (Kisses in Spanish) She talks to my teacher about my day and gives me a high five for my hard work learning potty. I run outside to hug the trees every night before we get in the car.

Today we got ice cream. I like mine with cookies and watched my really big brother play soccer. I love to jump and yell happy words to Joe.

My ice cream I cover my self from head to toe. I take a bath with Sonny. He's pretty messy too. My had some neat fizzy soaps that changed our bath water different colors like magic.
I got so excited I stood in the bath and fell. I fall down a lot but I'm tough. Mom put a bandaid on my owie and told me I was good. Joey thinks its bad since there is blood. I laughed.

Then Daddy got more pizza. I love pizza. Brother and I ate it in the living room and watched Toy Story 3 my favorite movie.

Then I get my pacifier and go to bed.
Buenas noches. Nos vemos en la manana.