Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mom + braces = Oh my goodness

We went to our second orthodontist visit today for Joey. Our first was a year and a half ago. We were told he was delayed due to his circumstances before we got him. We went through the process of pulling baby teeth and waiting for the new to grow in.

No one told us how many teeth we were waiting on. Apparently it was 14 since he still had 12 to go after . This poor kid complains daily about his teeth hurting and tries hard to keep him mouth closed as to not show people his crooked teeth.

As his Mom I want him to be proud. He's a great kid and super cute. The orthodontist gave us a few options.
  1. Wait for his teeth to fall out naturally. The orthodontist told us if this does not happen naturally in 6 months to work with a pediatric dentist and get them pulled. He should have all his teeth in a year and a half.
  2. Two rounds of braces. This would have poor Joe in braces for 5 years. Costing us a pretty price of $8000.
My heart is breaking for him. I wore braces for 5 years. I felt a lot better day one. My teeth were shinny. My teeth started shifting and even looked straight in the braces for years before I got them off. Getting Joey his braces now would get them off by freshman year. If we start his braces naturally when he looses his teeth and it takes a year and a half he'll be in junior high when we start and late high school when they come off.  That just sucks! That bill is a hard one to commit too.

Now I'm regretting in the biggest way quitting AT&T. Feeling very selfish pursuing my own dreams. My kids need. I'm sure braces on kid #3 isn't the last of our massive costs of raising kids. Just the first step. Yikes!

My little shop will have to wait. Not closed just be moved down in priority. I may have to go to school at night to improve my appeal to employers. As my skills are very telephone related.  Pray for a Pell Grant. I need another job! Full-time so my kid can grow up confidant and pain free. Now would be great!


Courtney Fisk said...

prayers. you and your beautiful family are always on my mind. Joey is so blessed to have a mom like you. Hang in there and trust that God will provide.
love you-

Cody Zieba said...

How are you and Joey faring with this braces challenge? Hope you still decide to get Joey braces. It’s an investment worthy of your time, effort and money. I suggest that you ask your orthodontist about payment schemes that can help you better afford Joey’s braces. You may also try checking other dental offices that offer more affordable braces. :)

Cody Zieba

Heike Forrester said...
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Heike Forrester said...

You have noticed how ashamed Joe was with his crooked teeth and how hard it was for him to suffer from toothaches. As a mom, you'd always want the best for your kid. So I am sure that even though you find braces expensive, you will still try your best to avail it for your son.

Daytona Beach Cosmetic Dentist

Rae Screen said...

That's what a mother's love is. Money isn't an issue when it comes to your child. Well, you've been there, the need to wear braces. So, you have the idea of how important braces are for him to have beautiful teeth.

Rae Screen @ GrinDoc