Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm not sure if I should spend so much time on Facebook. I love finding my old friends then I feel down because they all followed dreams. I didn't have dreams to follow I just wanted to end life with my parents and get started in the middle of mine. Now I have 5 kids and wish I had followed a dream. I took the jobs I could get, rented apartments, and crappy houses, married the "cool guy" and found out he wasn't even close to my dream guy. Had a baby, got a divorce...... still working the same job I could get. Started dreaming without the means to support my dreams. Started my life in the middle over again...... married the dream guy. Hot, smart, loves kids and has drive. Had or received a few more kids, still at that same job I could get. My old friends have lives, careers and patience to achieve goals. I guess I feel like I talk about my past to appear intresting, however if we are talking now my life is carring for other lives and what's intresting now is not me but them. I wounder if I ever will be intresting.