Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Super Undies trainers review part two

I decided to go with action shots. If your trainee is anything like mine running is his first choice of transportation. These are the pull up version. They are bigger that the pocket sized and not adjustable. Declan had a hard time playing in them. He did a lot of grabbing his duff while running and the brothers and sisters kept helping him pull them up. I don't think it was the waist so much as it was the heaviness of the soaker area. This trainers can absorb pee. I like that that they absorb, I don't like that they fall off. Especially today when Declan hid in the play room and pooped in them. They fell down a bit and when I went to take them off the smooth material allowed the poop the fall right on to my floor. It was awful.

The good news is Declan hardly ever has an accident at preschool. He is able to pull them up and down. I completely forgot I put them on him today. They are really puffy under his clothes. I thought maybe he had an accident and had the Happy Heiny trainers on. I don't think this would be a top choice of trainer in our house.