Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer time, summer time, sum sum summer time :-)

Yep it's that time of year. Friday is the last day of school. I'll have a couple of Fourth grade girls in the house a third grade boy and a few quickly growing babies. OK preschoolers. Just like every year before this year seemed to disappear right before my eyes.

Marysa has become a lot more social. Birthday parties, sleep overs, play date, phone calls and text messages. She has developed a sense of style. Teen idols cover her bedroom walls and I embarrass her. I see less and less of a little girl and more of a young lady. Swimming seems to be her sport. She can butterfly life no ones business.

Tanner is blooming as well. He imagination is becoming more refined. She can tell a story I find myself straining to hear what happens next form the next room. She is becoming closer to me again after a few years of pulling away. I can not remember the last time she and I butted heads. After all that's what Capricorns do. She is a kind and loving sister. She even looks less like a little girl. Amazing and blessed to be able to share her life.

Joey..... Holy Cow!!!!!! The kid rocks. He still takes me on a roller coaster but the kid brings tears to my eyes of pride. He tried baseball this year. He's not a natural but a hard worker. His team was undefeated except one game and he came home with the championship trophy. I am most proud that he made strong contact twice in the last game. GO JOEY!!! After the game Joey's teacher left me a voicemail about how he's going to get a surprise medal for math. I am just a beaming proud Mama.

Sonny is my wild child. The child my mother wished on me. He's had stitches in his hand, took a swim with his bike in the canal, licked neighbors trash cans and cars. Pretty much just keeps me on my toes. I can't even brace myself for what he might do next. He's smart, loving and my sunshine.

Oh and no least at all. Declan. I new walker with eleven teeth. He can sing happy birthday all the way through and bits and pieces of various Ramones and The Who songs. He blow kisses and tells you with little frustration exactly what he wants........with WORDS. I don't think he knows he's a baby. It's make my lip frown just enough to wish he's stay my baby baby just a little more.

Just a sweet reminder. I love my husband. We don't get a lot of time one on one in our little house of hyper but love him more and more everyday. End of August will be our 5 year aniversay. In the 5 years I've been proud to be Mrs. Lutz I have watched him transform from a guy with a newspaper job to a guy who has no limits. He is always doing bigger and better. I don't even hope for the next 5 years to be as good as the first. I know they will be better. My best friend and soulmate, father of my children is the BOMB Yay! I am proud of him too.

As of right now I'm looking forward to the summer and spending time with my amazing family. Let Summer begin.