Friday, February 20, 2009

Sonny is a green recycling genius..........

Without many words Sonny my two year old is the smartest person I know. I gave him a few old Christmas cards before disposing of them. Without thought his beautiful spirit took over, grabbed himself an orange crayon and has been improving the cards. He sings and dances a little while he works out his creativity. How I wished I would have thought of giving him cards before. I have been having the most inspirational, stress free morning enjoying him and his Christmas cards.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

it's another thing again.

As soon as I feel on top of my game a block gets pulled from the Jenga tower and things start to fall. I'm in the final stages of my daycare license preparation. My house is baby proofed, the yard man will be here in the next few days, I have all my paperwork together, I just need one more document and I can send in my application. My rooms are even quick cleans with 4 kids messing them up as quick as I can clean them. The block that was pulled irks me. My dryer stopped working and my girls only have dresses left.