Saturday, June 6, 2009

Joy and Pain of a large family

One of the joys of having a large family is you always have a built in party. My husband had a birthday and all but my wild two year old Sonny went out to Claim Jumper. Sonny stayed home with our dear friend Trevor a 12 year old boy and played hard and slept long.

The party was wonderful, the food the company the service.

The pain that follows a large family after one of these built in parties is Sonny is well rested at 5:00am and Mama has been up since then as well. Mama would be me, also planned a dentist appointment during his nap and hasn't recovered at 5:00pm from staying out late for her and getting up way to early.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Once again blown away

Joey was given a book at school. A chapter book, this is a big deal in First Grade. The book he choose is "How to Talk to Dads" by Alec Greven. What impressed me was not that he read the whole book and liked it but he did a Picture book report on it on his own freewill. It's detailed and very impressive. Don't you think so?