Saturday, June 4, 2011

Someone is spoiled with a new bebeMellon

This mama has a bit of a cloth addiction. As my last baby, Declan, gets closer to being a "biggie biggie," I have been selling of my stash of cute fluffiness and replacing it with a thinner look. He now runs and rides tricycles, and his pants aren't as accommodating for the fluffy butt look.

But I found Flip, and I love it! I just miss all Declan's prints....  However.

I am also a lover of Twitter. I click and look at everything. BebeMellons is my favorite click. Overwhelming cuteness. It makes me want another baby. (That is just NOT going to happen, though. This mama is DONE at five.) But I've been drooling, knowing I don't have reason to buy anymore fluff. Kind of sad, I know.

But then bebeMellons came out with diaper covers. While on Twitter one Saturday morning, I clicked on a tweet and got my fill of cuteness -- a bseball diaper cover that had not yet been sold.

The print was just what I needed. The fabric is soooo soooo soft. I can feel the slickness of the PUL inside, and not on Little Man's skin. The cover is a one-size-fits-all -- and it worked. Declan is two and a half years old with a thick little frame and chunky little thighs. I can snap the cover so that each flap meets in the middle, and there is no gapping around the legs. He can move freely and wear his pants without looking stuffed in them. WINNING! He is wearing it as we speak, and looks like a little man.

I don't do the review and giveaway thing. I'm more of a "let's celebrate small business" kind of girl, so I had to share my delight with this product. So tell me what you think.... should I sweet talk bebeMellons into letting me do a shout-out, and a you pick the prize? My treat :-)  Maybe September?

If I can get five of my GFC followers to tell me they would LOVE it to do a shout-out for bebeMellons, I'll line it up.


Lindsay's Family Reviews and Giveaways said...

You know I'm in! I love me some BebeMellons!

mellon said...

Oh! Thank you so much! What a wonderful surprise blog post! :) And Declan looks so adorable in his bebeMellons! Thanks again! You don't know how much this means to me :D

Terry said...

oh wowsers!!! what a lucky little guy!

we love our bebeMellons too...i'm just trying to figure out a way to add a few more to my stash!

Mary said...

It washed beautifully as well. LOVE IT!!!!

KarilynAley said...

you have NO idea how obsessed i am with our lone bebemellon!!!! it broke my heart to give it to O to use as a diaper.. i wanted it for myself!! for.. something! lol blankie maybe? i think giving a shoutout would be awesome! :)