Sunday, September 4, 2011

Bummis Trainer Review

I almost feel like it's not even worth it to review this trainer. My favorite diaper brands failed me with their trainers. I loved the Bummis whisper wrap. I had 10 I used of my fitted/hemp diapers. I gave them to a woman with 3 boys with confidence she'd live them just as much as I did.  The trainer got a big  F.

First they used the same material as the whisper wrap. Declan screamed at me that this is a diaper and he will pee in it.  He did. Declan wet this trainer. The lining looks like they tried to make it absorbent. Again they failed. The pee wicked off the lining and absorbed right into Declan's shorts.

Second they are huge!!! The leg and the waist seemed OK but the overall size I think I could have worn. I have a lot of trouble getting clothes over them and they cover his belly button. No clue why Bummis would waist their time making this product. They are an awesome wrap company not a cloth diaper company. They should stick to making fabulous wraps and trash this idea all together.

No recommendation here for the Bummis trainers. Total CRAP!


wigglywidget said...

Hello! I've gone through your blog checking out all your trainer experiences but I'm left not knowing which ones you ended up buying for daily use.. Any further recommendations?
And any adjustments to the number of trainers a family should purchase?
Thanks, Great Blog!
Mom in BC

Mary said...

I actually choose Eco Posh. I bought 10. They helped keep the accidents mess minimal however Declan could feel the accident and he's potty trained now. He's 3 1/2. Still having accidents about 75% at night time. I throw a fleece cover over them at night. Thank you for asking :-)