Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I bet you didn't know catsup can magically appear in a 9 year old boys hair.

Once  upon a time on a Tuesday night in late April my son Joey met me at my car."Mom"" he says "want to hear some thing weird? I was standing in the living room and all of a sudden I felt something on my head and it was covered in catsup."

Hmm...... as a Mama of boys I know he had something to do with it. OK he had everything to do with it. He was the only child in the room. His sisters at their other parents houses. His little brothers at daycare and his Dad resting in the bedroom with a headache.

I glanced at the room. No catsup on the ceiling. Thank goodness. There is a nest of pillows on the living room floor near my sofa made out of every pillow, blanket and sofa cushion in the house. I ask Joey to pick up his mess. I proceed to the back yard to water the garden and back into the house to start dinner. Joey mentions there is catsup on the floor. He wont show me where.

I put my mad Mama ninja skills into action. Go over to the area where I saw a plate of catsup the night before. There on the floor in front of the sofa a huge spot of catsup. The table that use to have a plate and some mail on it is cleared. I touch the table it's sticky. I look be hind the sofa where the pillows and blankets are stored. There is the plate of catsup, the mail and all the pillows and blankets covered in catsup.

I ask Joey did he see the catsup all over all the pillows and blankets. "No Mom. I swear there was no catsup over there and I did nothing."

Holy cow. This kid is going to kill me. No one around to blame so catsup magic appears all over the livingroom and his head.


bluebell screams said...

Ahahaha. Gotta love boys. I can already tell mine's gonna be exactly like this. He's always into EVERYTHING. I think there's just something special about little boys this way.

Oh, and I found your blog from your Twitter after you followed me (as part of the Sunday stalker thing I assume) :)

Mary said...

Boys are fun. I love mine. Always a good story to tell. Joey is very colorful. A favorite among my friends.

Thank you for following me.

Colleen (Shibley Smiles) said...

Amazing the magical powers of catsup!