Sunday, March 15, 2009

The writer and the talker a three part story

If you know me I'm sure I've told you my husband gets frustrated because I talk while he writes. He's told me he's going to write a three part story. Writer meets the talker, writer lives with talker and writer kills the talker. Well I am the talker. If you are a talker you know it's hard not to talk when there is a person sitting there looking like he can talk. Well my writer writes for money and does very well himself. He is the primary income in out household since I started having babies. He writes a lot on the weekend and in the evenings and even attends a writer's group were he submits his own work and critics other writer's work in the group. (I know sounds like homework to me too.) I on the other hand have worked in the phone company for almost 9 years talking to people. I come home and want to chat or even better I've been home for 5 months on maternity leave and crave adult face to face conversation. The hardest thing I have to do daily is remember not to talk to the writer if he has is computer or a book in his hand. He from time to time will ask me something buts needs to answer to be to the point, it is not an invite to have a long loving chat. I could pull all my hair out when he does that. Doesn't he know I have the NEED to talk? I want to talk about random things in tangents, without order and I want him to follow and understand me. If you followed this mess I'm sure you wonder if part three of the story is the writer kills the talker or does the talker kill the writer? I'm hoping not to find out because the truth between us is we do love each other and he swears this story is not in the works. :)

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