Monday, October 31, 2011

Eggs-- Which comes first?

If you been following along. I have chickens. They are now laying hens. Today it's official I have my first dozen eggs that are truly farm fresh. That is of coarse if farm fresh and backyard fresh are the same.

This is my fun experiment I did with a few eggs and a few kids.

First the eggs. One if from my girls and one is labeled "Farm Fresh" These eggs were gathered or bought at approximately the same time
The store bought egg outside is larger. I have no face to match with this egg.
This is Blacky's egg.
This is Blacky
The store baught egg insdide is thinner.

Than Blacky's free range grain feed egg shell.

Ok I am in love with my hen. This is where you'll get some cold hard scientific evidence what egg tastes better.

These are my testers.

Declan I will eat everything including hand sanitizer.

Sonny.... Can I have a treat. No not grapes...How about a cookie?

Joey's that's disgusting do I have to eat it ?

Marysa .. It's good but it would be better with garlic.

This is the test. My perfect microwave eggs.

The egg to the left is Blacky's eggs. The egg on the right is from a faceless Donner.

This is Blacky's egg yoke beat with a splash of 2% milk. Nice and smooth.

This is the faceless yoke beat with a splash of 2% milk. Notice the glob of yuck.

Blacky's egg after 40 seconds in the microwave tasted by each kid except Joey who backed out at the last minute.
Declan, Marysa and Sonny loved this egg. Marysa thought this had to be store bought.

The faceless egg after 40 seconds bubbles and fizzed and tasted good but it was no Blacky.

So I am happy to say my girls lay eggs tasty enough for my children and I know what they girls egg and know it's healthy enough for this Mama of 5 to approve.

Next test will be baking..... No clue when but a good idea. :-)

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