Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Worried homeless

My brother is homeless. Two of them are. Bad choices info their teens followed them into their 40s.

Driving my son Joey to school last week he told me God talks to him and told him his dad was dead. I wasn't sure what to say. It's been months since we have seen him. I could only feel sadness. Poor Joey to have that kind of worry at 10 years old.

Sure when I wake up cold or see the rain I hope my brother has a place to keep warm. Joey loves his dad. His worry goes beyond what mine ever can. This is Dad he loves and see suffer.

I just tell him to pray. God has a plan and hears him. Joe tells me he talks to God. I think my litter mans prayer were heard. My brother called my parents. He's in a rehab. The pastor of the church he goes to helped him get in. He's got a job when he gets out.  Even better news he shares a bunk with our other brother who's in rehab as well.

Today is good. Amen

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mellon said...

oh! what good news for you! prayers for you, your brothers, and for your precious little joey!