Saturday, July 16, 2011

Planet Wise Review

I have to tell you even if you don't have kids these bags are fabulous. I have five and would love to try the food wrapping reusable items.

I originally got this bag for the pool. I drop the swimsuits in here to keep my pool bag dry. The swim suits are usually not rung out because I swim with kids. The water has never once leaked out of the bag. I wash the bag every time we go swimming. It has not faded or shrunk, the zipper still works awesome. I'd have to say we go to the pool at least five times a week since it's doctor recommended for my back issues.

 Then Earthy Crunchy Mama sent we some Planet Wise flannel wipes so I needed a bag and got this one. This is when I realized how cool these bags really were. I can put damp cloth wipes in this pouch. When I'm out and about and need a wipe, there it is. I don't need to waste our bottled water or dip the cloth wipe in the melted ice from my soda.

Then I got to thinking how cool would it be to have a bag like this that could hold my diapers and wipes in one pocket and my wet soiled diapers and wipes in another pocket. I didn't really shop for one until I really thought it would be really nice to have while potty training instead of my old over used wet bag I used with Sonny. I just happened to think of it when Planet Wise was on sale. I got two bags this time. One to go back and forth to preschool and one to hang in my bathroom to store dry trainers and the soiled trainers.
Hanging Wet/Dry Bag
Wet/Dry bag for preschool
The Wet Pocket
The Dry Pocket

All in the same time frame my vacation from menstruation of many years returned. All of a sudden I

felt like a teen again staring at an isle full of products I was no longer familiar with. All I knew was that I hated dry weave. After both boys were born I got the most painful rash. This is when I jumped on Twitter an threw the question out their if anyone uses cloth pads for their period. A bunch of women said yes. I got links to patterns and was advised FuzziBunz had a good one. My thoughts flashed back to the day I go my first FuzziBunz cloth diaper for Sonny over four years ago. I remembered just how soft they are and I was going to try them. My friend on twitter also happened to be a Eco friendly store owner with a large assortment of FuzziBunz Mom Cloth and was having a sale on Planet Wise, Sandbox Lane. Planet Wise makes a tiny little Wet/Dry bag perfect for ladies who use cloth sanitary pads. I purchased some pads and the bag. I haven't use either yet but there is always next month.

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