Friday, March 6, 2009

The internet is a very unsafe place

Once again I am glad I was not the victim of any strange or illegal internet scams or crime. I met up toady with two old friends from high school that found me on Facebook. One I spent a little time with and one I spent a lot of time with. I was afraid that I was walking into some weird cult invite. Nothing a happened. I did my normal talk to much about what ever popped in my head thing. You know this sort of word vomit I do. Expressed my love of homeless and disabled people. Described my crazy way of meeting, getting to know and marrying my husband.Not to mention my awkward let me tell you how I give birth stories. I listened very little.... a bad quality I have when nervous and learned odd things about high school. I found it strange my old friends remember me being nice to everyone. I really wasn't. My son was for the most part shy enough that he behaved, nothing broken, no one hurt.We ran once he started to feel comfortable for obvious reasons if you know Sonny. It felt alright getting out of my safety zone. I am so glad I didn't have to call in the spider monkeys. Over all I had a lot of fun.

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