Saturday, March 7, 2009

Crowded house

No this is not about the band Crowded House from the 80s but about the house I live in. Our home is close to 1200 square feet. We have three bedroom, two bathrooms, a living room and a kitchen, dinning room combo. There are 7 people and a dog living in this space. Three of the people are elementary school kids that feel they should still have mom pick up after them and two are still small enough that I still do pick up after them. Then there is my own messes and my husbands messes. You can add 7 peoples laundry plus cloth diapers and dog poop to my check list of things to do. My son Joey does a fairly decent job keeping his room clean with a steady stream of nagging. Asking the girls to clean often falls on deaf ears and the battle takes many twists and turns to finally achieve a clean home. To be perfectly honest that never happens. A few weeks ago I got mean. I took the girls who have been sharing the master bedroom and gave them their brothers room and Joey became master of space. In the process we got rid of everything the two princesses didn't play with and just became junk on their floor. I still had no plan how keeping these new room assignments clean. There is always a silver lining to every cloud. I had e-mail a catch up letter to my friend Ryan who in turn gave me the link to his wife's blog he was very proud of. The blog was amazing and I found exactly what I needed to tame my little ones in to keeping their own spaces neat and tidy.

Here comes the room inspector complete with a point chart. I presented the new rule to our kids last Thursday and told them the first inspection would not be until Saturday March 7th at 10 am. Marysa jumped on it. Tanner went back to her Mom's house and Joey did nothing. Marysa left Friday for a 5 day stay with her dad. Thursday evening I did her inspection. The kid got it. Nice clean floor, bed made, clothes and toys put away. She made her Mama proud and herself as well with a $10 bill. Tanner came back from her Mom's house Friday after school. I gave her the heads up in case she had forgotten the room inspector was coming 10am Saturday. She jumped on it. She made her bed, put her clothes, books and toys away and tidied her drawers.

This morning I was on the edge of my seat waiting on this inspection. 10 am on the dot I walked into Joey's room with him. Even with him doing nothing to his room all week the kid was clean enough to get a 90% on his points earning him a $10 bill, then it was Tanner's turn. She was still putting clothes away but also had a passing score of 99%. I think this may be the answer to all my prayers. Our kids may just have motivation enough to keep their rooms clean.

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