Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have a package to mail

You'd think with mailing stations popping up everywhere mailing a package would be easy. Well I guess if you're on regular business hours? I originally was going to go on my lunch a mail a package and said well Longs Drugs has the mail center I can use that after work. The mail center was broken. Then I remembered the Kinko's is also FedEx and I can mail my package there, except Quiznos next door caught on fire and caused smoke damage. There's a UPS store down the street that is closed on Sunday. I though there was a new Kinko's in the new Kohl's shopping center. Tanner spotted it and said it looks like it closed too. Sure enough it was, it opens at noon and it's 1030 now. I guess we'll go to the park and eat lunch and take a nap then try again. What a pain.

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