Thursday, February 19, 2009

it's another thing again.

As soon as I feel on top of my game a block gets pulled from the Jenga tower and things start to fall. I'm in the final stages of my daycare license preparation. My house is baby proofed, the yard man will be here in the next few days, I have all my paperwork together, I just need one more document and I can send in my application. My rooms are even quick cleans with 4 kids messing them up as quick as I can clean them. The block that was pulled irks me. My dryer stopped working and my girls only have dresses left.

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Blended Family of 4 said...

Dryer status........ Murphy is really making sure I followed his law. The Sears repair man came shortly after I gave up on him ever arriving. Luckily my friend drove up at the same time and got him started on the repairs. The cost was outrageous for a new drum belt. However I was happy my dryer worked. The guy left, I cooked dinner and went to dry my clothes. The dryer wouldn't turn on.I called and the woman who answered after 22 minutes of hold time suggested I reset the power at the circuit breaker, that killed my cordless phone and the dryer still wouldn't work until I took half of the towels out. All was good until I realized turning off the power also brings down my wireless network, so I had to pretend I knew what I was doing to fix that. All in all nothing got done and I was doing so much. Thanks Murphy for making your laws. I really appreciate them.