Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So much work for so little satisfaction

This one is for the dieters and the ones who care only to torture themselves.

The Pomegranate. Fruit or enemy. I guess Warren and I at different locations had the same "fun" idea. We both picked up a few pomegranates at the store. We are fans of the juice, I made some great jam 5 plus years ago, they will be fun for the kids to eat.

Well the kids are at school. I'm in need of a snack. Hmmm I think I'll have a red ripe plump pomegranate. I pull out my super large Ginsu. (I know, but it's a great knife.) Cut the fruit in half. Tons of ruby colored seeds, my mouth is already for this tasty treat.

I get out the spoon and start scooping the seeds into a cup. With every scoop there is some nasty white colored skin thing I have to remove. Fifteen minutes later I am still doing the same thing until I give up. What's a little of the white stuff in with my treat. I bet it doesn't taste that bad? WRONG! It's bitter and hard. I was able to scoop maybe 1/3 a cup of seeds out that equals maybe 5 bites looking at every spoon full to get the tiny little specs of white skin off before eating. I'm glad I didn't go with plan B: the juicer. Or plan C let the kids do it?

It left a juicy stained mess on the cutting board. I have tiny dots of stains all over my shirt and next time POM is getting my 4 bucks. They earned it. Not my favorite do it your self fruit.

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Marni's Organized Mess said...

Ive been thinking about doing a blog on this.. You inspired me. ;) hehe

Next time, soak it in water. Then pull it apart IN the water (plugged sink) and the pieces will separate. Usually the white floats (if I remember right?) and you can scoop up the seeds and eat with a spoon. :)

LMK if that helps. Though, I realize it cant help withe bitterness. LOL