Monday, November 22, 2010

Tonight blog is about my husband, my new word and pictures with the webcam.

My sweet heart loves me. He always buys me my favorite cheep wine. Yes the infamous Two Buck Chuck. Well today we joked about Charles Shaw's Nouveau Red table wine. The fun-est part of the wine is the idea we know nothing about wine. LOL. Apparently via wikipedia Nouveau wine is a lot cooler that we thought. As Warren joked that it is possibly a mix of all the wine Trader Joe's couldn't sell. It is a wine made with grapes grown in Germany that is sold the third Thursday of November. Seeing that the 3rd Thursday just past I'm excited to see if it is as exciting as I think it should be. As should you all who enjoy a truly cheep drink.

First the bottle is a fun shape. Festive I suppose. The wine is a deep purple......border line pink. It's tart and light. I can truly say it meets my well formed pallet for a treat a super cheap wine should be.

Get your walking shoes on and get to the nearest Trader Joe's. Treat your self to my new seasonal, tasty and fun beverage. All my besties know my over active brain is thinking of a cheap wine tasting party. Come on ladies share with me your favorite and we can have a tasting party.

Thanks Warren. Again I love it! And you infinity peanuts.

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