Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gardening with kids update

Tonight Declan and I are sitting at my work station. He's at the table with the seedlings, coloring. I leave for a minute to move the shower doors for Joey. It's Sunday night and we are ending the weekend with bath time. I come back to my two year old eating the sprouts. He had pulled a hand of Bok Choy.

"Oh know. We don't eat the babies ."I tell him. He starts to cry. "No Deku is the baby!" I told him "OK we don't eat the plant babies." His response is the same only twice as loud. So I call them seedlings. He then blows the biggest snot bubble I ever saw. "Eww gross!" I tell him. He starts laughing so hard and tries to make another one.

My lesson is don't leave a baby with the sprouts. Especially the same day we had dinner at Fresh Choice...eating spouts in my salad. I guess part of my goals is unfolding this year is apparent. My kids are eating healthier.

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