Monday, May 2, 2011

Bed Wetting

One of my children can not hold their bladder while they sleep. I am going to try as hard as possible not to hint to what child it is.

I suppose the reason I wanted to bring this up is because they have started picking on my four year old who can hold his bladder over night. It's kind of strange to me. We know the reason they can't keep it in is most-likely hereditary. They have started trying to convince us  there is no longer a problem by getting dressed quickly in the morning and making their bed up over the wet spot. For about a week I was so proud until I started to smell their room and I had to inspect.

This mother thing is hard. We have seen a doctor, a nutritionist and a therapist and basically have given up. We changed the diet. We attempted to wake our child in the middle of the night but they are violent hitting and punch and refusing to go and standing behind the door telling us they where done. We have used pull ups and told to stop using them because it makes our child lazy.

The most recent is the most challenging to deal with. Our four year old hardly ever has an accident even over night. Now our older child keeps trying to blame him. Asking us to check him for poop or change his diaper. It's almost an obsession. As a mother who tries to foster independence in her children and encourages her children to be who they be, this one has me floored. My instinct is to protect my four year old from being picked on. How is that possible with out embarrassing my older child?

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