Friday, August 12, 2011

Eco Posh and Mother-ease Trainer Review Updates

Eco posh update. Preschool loves them. They are easy to pull up and down. They don't leak every. The drying issues I have from them being so thick are solved by drying them with my towels. The best part is Sonny who occasionally has a night time accident had one while using his and it didn't leak all over the bed. Yay! Eco Posh.

Mother-ease I now understand why preschool is not a fan. We wore them to the park. At the park Declan wet them. He pulled them down and yelled I'm pooping. He wasn't but was really wet. When I pulled them off it was like ringing a sponge all over my pants. I think we will pass on these as the going out trainer. This really bums me out since the only mildly good baby store in the area only carries Mother-ease and Little Beetle. Ugh!


West Philly Mama said...

Oh bummer about Mother-ease. I just inherited a bunch of these and will be sure to try them out at home rather than during an outing.

Anonymous said...

Good review. We are entering the training phase and I have had no luck finding a good cloth diaper. I have had several people recommend the eco posh diaper line. That will be next to try! Great pics!

Shannon Reed said...

I LOVE the eco posh diapers because of the fact that they are made from recycled water bottles! So great.