Sunday, January 22, 2012

One of those shopping trips

I am slowing adjusting to life where a big paycheck came in every two weeks in my name to a paycheck that is never consistent as a substitute preschool teacher. Fortunately I'm not a big spender and when ever I need money for food or gas god seems to deliver.

Today Joey needed new shoes. Lucky me my brother always sends gift cards to my kids for Christmas and Joey got his shoes. Target in our town also has groceries and I picked up a few things.

I can't help but try to shop fast when the boys go anywhere with me. A perfect example why is the sweet elderly woman who told Declan not to grab the coffee cup out of the trash and he lost it. When I picked him up his pants were soaked through. Joey and Sonny want everything on the self and I'm broke. It's a hard thing for me to say "No we can't get that." After all my joke for years has been ...Target's the what the heck did I buy for $300 store?

The lines were exceptionally long tonight. My boys stood by me calmly. Miracle. The checker finally rang us up after a 10 minute wait. My boys are still calm.... I'm slightly holding my breath and crossing my fingers at this point. Sure enough after giving the checker 3 gift cards I still owed $41s and had $35. I asked him to take something off and he voided my entire transaction then proceeded to look threw the trash for my gift cards. Fifteen people behind me standing there were asked to go to another line and a woman lost it slamming her cart and throwing an unattractive grown up woman fit. My boys stayed calm.

An hour later still trying to leave Target I was given another $5 credit off my bill for my kids and my own patience. I'm just thankful today I was given that miracle of peaceful boys in the store. They could have easily made an awkward situation so much worse. I don't know if the knew or not but I sure love them.

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