Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The 680 South freway adventure

My boys were in need of shoes. Joey has completely worn through another pair and Sonny needed a back up now that the yard is becoming more appealing to him, shoes get very wet and dirty. I thought we'd try a Target we usually don't go to.......Target Greatland San Ramon. I picked up Joey from his school and raced over to Missy's school, hit Carl's Junior for our afternoon snack and headed out to San Ramon. Half way there we saw 7 uniformed polices cars, a uniformed motorcycle cop and two under cover cops racing down 680. I'm not sure why I don't program 511's radio station in my car stereo but I can never find it when I want to know what is going on. The cops raced by and disappeared as quickly as they came. It was very exciting.

The next excitement was all the cows on the hill side. Mama's and babies and then we noticed they had all just been branded. Why are they still branding cows. I thought they pierced their ears now? i felt so sad that the cows all had big burns on their rumps just out of reach for them to lick. My mind is boggled.

It's now two hours later. We've made it. We got Sonny shoes, Joey shoes and Marysa shoes. I was shocked to accomplish that in one place it never happens. Then I realize Marysa's has a daddy day and her daddy is already off work. We give him a call and as luck would have it he is only a few cars ahead of us. The day was good.

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