Wednesday, February 25, 2009

details can be shocking

Marysa has been popping out with a lot of details lately. She has been telling me folk tales of indigenous peoples, what the names of my teeth and muscles are. It's been really fun listening to what her mind has been absorbing.

Today the details blew my mind. She was discussing the details of the budget cut to education for the State of California where we live. Marysa gave me details on her school districts plan on how not to be affected by the cuts our governor is imposing on the school and our children. She told me exact statistics of if each family contributed some $300 something dollars, that would be so many thousands of families and the district would have $2million to spend on their programs like music and physical education that are in danger of being cut. My kid talked politics with me, understood what she was talking about, and how it would affect her. Someone working with her has earned their pay check and my full support. Marysa reminded me today just how important she is and why she deserves the best possible education.

Send me that donation paper work. I'll give up $300 to make sure that I will have more conversations with my daughter that will impress me.

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