Friday, February 13, 2009

Feeling nutty with jobs to do and nothing ever gets done.

So tonight I took a blow from my hubby. I'm sure he thinks he's being helpful. He told me don't worry baby I'll clean the house tonight. I have been cleaning the house every day for 14 days straight. Apparently I should not quit my job to be a maid. I have been working hard to clean-up, baby proof and get paper work in order while trying to get a daycare license. I can't imagine going to work everyday with two young boys at home. I was late everyday as it was just trying to get my then 1 year old and my school age daughter and nephew to school. My boobs are so hard with milk, I don't shower unless my two year old naps, my kitchen is marginally clean when we aren't out of paper plates.My sweet husband works at home early morning, makes breakfast and then quickly runs out every morning. I usually wont hear from him until noon for our 3 to 5 minute conversation about nothing and see him again when he's starving at 7pm. Maybe the nutty is post postpartum or maybe my mind is finally trying to warm me that my life choices are crazy.

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