Monday, March 9, 2009

The Busy Bees Mom's group

Well I feel as if I am getting good at stepping out side my anti-social box. Like I'm anti-social. However I have been at the same job for nine years with the same friends doing the same things. Until I met Warren......and things started to change. I added new friends to my circle, did new organized activities with my kids, had to find daycare for 4 little people and learn how to organize a play date. Well I have failed or at least struggled with a few of these key points in my new life style. My kids beg me for play dates and arranging one seems to be a full time job. So I decided today to RSVP yes to a play date in the park with the Busy Bee's mom group. I recognized one of the women from Facebook and introduced myself. My Sonny bun was not much older that her little princess. They played nicely, thank heavens, and I had a chance to talk about potty training and eating challenges and childhood injuries.Other mom's and kids showed up, my typical nervous word vomit died down quickly with these women. ODD! and I was able just to have a good time. If only soccer mom's were so easy to get along with. I still need to learn to get to know the older child's parent. Ugh!

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