Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bedtime and Musical beds

I am either a great Mom or need to be locked up with all the other Mommies that have lost to the kids.

About 7pm each night our crazy bedtime routine begins. I send Joey to get his PJs on and give Sonny his bottle. I know a two year old with a bottle. My doctor told me to cold turkey that one but it what keeps me sane. 7:30pm Sonny starts to figure bedtime is coming to he starts running as fast has he can anywhere I can't catch him. Dad usually catches him and passes him back to me. We all take turns kissing him goodnight then I take him to bed tell him I love him and I'll see him in a few hours. Shut the door while he screams Mom! at me and a second later he's quiet.

Next I nurse Declan. Change a diaper and lay him down in his bed and listen to him talk until he falls asleep. Easy kid.

Until 8:30 I watch TV Joey's choice. He is really good at letting himself quietly into his room and going right to sleep.

So far sounds pretty easy doesn't it. 830 the girls are to lay down. Ideally 9 o'clock lights are out and they are asleep. Never happens.
Tanner usually cries for either her mom or dad about this time, her rash itches, or life just isn't fair and bedtime is the best time to tell us about it.
Marysa is thirsty, doesn't remember eating dinner, has to find some missing stuffed animal, has a stomach ache or just can't sleep and softly cries.
About 10 I can usually confirm they are sleeping.

About 11 Sonny wakes up. "Mom. Mom. Hold you............" If it goes on past 20 minutes he ends up in my bed so I can sleep. I'll stay there on the edge if Declan doesn't wake up too. If our house gets to cold at night or Declan pees all over the place. Me or Warren will bring Declan in our bed. At this point I have no room. If the girls are at their other parents house I will take go sleep in their bed. If they are both here I will crawl in bed with Marysa. She likes that. She's a snuggler. If Tanner wakes up Warren will go sleep with her, if he doesn't wake up I go sleep with her. If I am in bed with either girl and Sonny wakes up again and Declan is in my bed I take Sonny back into his room and crawl into the bottom bunk with him. Joey sleeps through all this every night. However he is such a hard sleeper he thrashes and the bunk bed shakes. Not a good sleep.

Did I mention I'm a tired Mom and would love a nap. I don't get them nearly enough but will grab one when I can.

Oh did I mention Sonny is up with the sun unless he's asleep on me in my bed.

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