Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Oh Sonny my peeing genius

I'm never sure what Sonny will do next. I know a mother should be two steps ahead of junior. Sonny is nothing like his older brother or sisters. I have been to the ER with Sonny 4 times, that is 3 more times than Joey or Marysa. He can do things a lot earlier than his siblings too but in a 2 year old sort of way. Big footed and fearless he climbs trees, scales cabinets to get on the counter, gets food out of our trash that is fenced off, opens child safety locks and can get out of his clothes a lot faster than I can get them on.

Here are some of my favorite potty training stories. A few months back I got Sonny a Potty and a Elmo video that talks about Potty time. He went potty in the potty a few times and pooped once. We were on our way. Until Sonny learned to take off his diaper when he had to go. Now he has his own ideas. He crawled into the dog's bed and peed, he has peed on walls and the carpet, and his new skill and my favorite he can unfasten his diaper while they are still in his clothes so he can keep the diaper dry and pee all over everything else.

He is always so proud to tell me he feels ucky and smiles and gives me a big hug. Sonny is my peeing genius.

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