Wednesday, April 8, 2009

when you get caught up in what's in front of you miss the bigger picture.

Just over two years ago I went on disability to have my first son Sonny. I brought him in the office not even six weeks old to see my friends. It was the last time I saw my friend Michelle. I came back to work a couple weeks at a time for about a year before coming back full time when Sonny was 13 months old. Michelle wasn't in the office. I wasn't worried due to her being in and out of the office in the past. I then found out I was pregnant with my second son Declan and was really sick. I didn't stay at work everyday and finally was pulled out of work when Sonny was 19 months old. While I was out of the office our sister office closed and I asked if she was moved to the new office. I was told she moved. Not a soul told me Michelle had cancer and was out of the office over a year. This morning I opened Facebook to find out Michelle had passed. I am happy she isn't in pain but my heat feels like someone is squeezing it. I am so sad. Michelle was a beautiful person. We often joked about silly things like how we needed to date geeks and be on a coffee call list. I missed talking to Michelle while I've been out with my babies but didn't give it much thought. Now my heart aches I wont ever see her again. God bless Michelle, her family and friends. Michelle I was blessed to have you in my life and will miss you.

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