Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I just don't get it?

Three days ago I spotted a beautiful rooster on a so-so busy corner in my neighborhood. I tried to call animal control at that time but it was too early and it was really not an emergency. Today I saw the same rooster again. The poor guy appears to be loosing his luster. I will be the first to admit I am terrified of birds but I have a soft spot for chickens.

I called animal control again today. They don't go out for an animal unless it's injured or you already have it confined. As much as a have a soft spot for chickens I fear a flocking rooster. My fear is stronger now that I watched Cold Mountain on CMT the only channel we have. OK I'm nuts but there was a scene were the rooster was attacking Nicole Kidman's character really makes me think this rooster likes where he is and would take those talons of his and shred me. I was shredded by a rabbit about 17 years ago trying to do the right thing and learned that lesson well.

Back to the phone call.I asked if there is anyone I could call, the call-in line mentioned I could call the Sheriff for livestock. The woman told me they meant if a cow got out and was blocking a road.

Hear I am now worried about a rooster as if I had any room in my already child filled life to worry about anything else. What do I do? How do you catch a rooster? I thought about putting a wanted ad on hoping some 4H cowboy/girl could help this rooster then I thought about the 2nd rooster scene in Cold Mountain. Where some crazy co-star wandering working chick said she hated a flocking rooster walked over an pulled his head off. I would never forgive myself in my desire to save this animal if I red-flagged the guy for some nut job to come and pull his head off or fight him.

There has got to be some thing that can be done for this animal. I'm even worried about him not getting any food or another animal getting him. Somehow I thought animal control took in chickens. I swear I've seen photos for them near the volunteer desk at the shelter. They seem to take in everything else? It must be budget cuts!

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