Saturday, May 23, 2009

I think I may just have happiliy ever after Mary's way

I know I rant about how much I love my family. I really do and today was no exception. From the moment I woke up this morning to my happy baby kicking and cooing to sitting here on my sofa watching Sleeping Beauty with the kids, I love my family.

My happily ever after is in the mid-day. I took my three sons to the park. I even gave in and went to a park with sand (I hate sand) and let them bring their buckets and shovels. About twenty minutes after getting to the park and good and dirty Warren shows up. Sonny asks to run so we make our way over to the field equip with a football. I felt like I was in an ending of a movie or some commercial that makes you tear up on father's day. I watched my kids run through the field with dad tagging each other and huge smiles on their faces. I even played football for a while with them.

OK maybe not a traditional happily ever after but I am grateful to have a husband who is a great Dad that loves his kids and me. This is my happily ever after.

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