Thursday, June 11, 2009

Boys and their potty

Marysa was so easy when it came to having to go. She said potty and we would run to the potty and go. The only times I can remember her having an accident was me being in a hurry to get somewhere or long after all the training was complete she had a few so I took her to the doctor and she had a minor irritation.

Joey's potty training wont ever end. The poor kid had a ruff start with no one taking care of his toileting needs so when I got him at four years old he could only tinkle in the potty. He'll be eight soon and he can use the potty but chooses not to. We are seeing a professional.

Now here is Sonny's turn. First let's give him credit he's only two and a young two at that. He has peeped in the potty a few times and made poop-poop for Daddy once. He watches the Elmo potty video and plays on his potty fully clothed. Today we made a little more progress. Today my love bug yelled 'off diaper'. I asked if he had to go potty and he yells 'yes' and runs to the potty. He didn't go but we gave him a jellybean anyway. Then we decided to bring potty to watch TeleTubbies on and he sat there a good 20 minutes. No potty was made but he was smart enough when he was tired of sitting there to ask for a diaper. I love that kid. He really makes me laugh sometimes.

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