Thursday, January 27, 2011


I can count on one hand how many of my friends have the same amount of laundry to do as me. They are the ones with four or more kids. As you know I have five. Two preteen girls make double the amount of my three boys. Then my husband and my self.

I have a method I like to use when washing clohes. I have to say as long and no one interupts my routine by Sunday evening my multiple loads of laundry are washed and put away.

I like the dirty clothes to be put in our main bathroom. Eye sore I know but constant reminder as well. Even over flowing just throw it in there,get in my system and done. On the floor in a bedroom is just not going to get done and you are the kids asking me where is ________? When everyone else has theirs.

I like to start my laundry for the week on Wednesday. By Sunday my clothes are clean. The picture is a Thursdays amount of laundry. I know it seems impossible and never ending but it gets done.

My kids help. Here is our game plan.

I have two double load baskets. One I keep in the bathroom. The idea is to get it before it spills out. (As you can see this week I failed. ) The second one I keep empty in the garage. I always have a load in the washer. The basket is always ready for the dryers clothes to be brought in. The wet go in the dryer. I bring my basket into the livingroom and fold. The emptied basket is filled with a new load for the washer. Taken to the machine and left empty for the dryer.

All clothes get folded in stacks according to owner. Each owner is responsible for putting their own stack away. Joey for extra stars on his chart will help me put away his baby brothers clothes. Sonny is in charge of putting towels away.

All of that folding and washing leaves us with one last bit of laundry and my pet peeve. SOCKS!!!!!

Like you, on a much larger scale I fear is sorting socks. Seven peoples socks to sort every week are mostly white. I personally loath sorting and pairing socks so I created the crazy sock system. Not very complex and can use improvment. It's a single load laundry basket all the clean socks go in. This is also the one thing that can earn my kids stars on their chart. I'll give a star to every sock paired with it's mate. (My kids love stars. They are worth an item from Target when they reach 200. They more often than not select a video game. A well earned treat I think.) If the kids don't sort neither do I. I HATE miss matched socks.

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