Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some of my more memorable talks with my kids

Marysa is 10 now. Some say she's an old soul. Two conversations stand out in my memory. First was shortly after my separation from her father. She was newly three years old. We were driving over Vasco Rd if you know where that is. It's long and no turn offs. We were in evening traffic. She told me she had a dream. it was about ghosts chasing us. She hid in the car with Daddy while I puller out my sword and fought the ghosts. Second she was five. I was pregnant with Sonny. She asked where babies come from? I reversed the question on her. Her answer was 'the Daddy gives the Mommy chocolate. The the baby grow the Mommy's belly really really big. Then the Mommy poops the baby out and the doctor catches it."

Tanner also 10. She kills me. She told me once the reason she likes me was because I was a better marcher than her dad. My favorite was when we were camping. She was four. We went to a campfire the campsite put on. Ranger Woody was telling us some stories. Tanner starts yelling. "He's really freaking me out." The same night we are about to go to sleep and she tells her dad. She does not sleep in a tent she sleeps where there are walls.

Joey...... Around 6 years old he tells me he knows what a female is. OK Joey what's a female. He says a duck with a green head. I almost fell over. My favorite was just a few months ago. We're in the car coming home from somewhere and he says. I would so watch a movie about the Mayflower. Puzzled I asked him why. Well it's a cool story. A pirate ship crashes into a iceberg and splits in half.

Sonny is three now. He talks in his sleep. Yells out Peanut Butter shoes. When he gets mad he tells me "Joey hit me." My favorite was when he looked at me with his big blue eyes and says. "The kitty farted." He also calls my Mom grandpa or Grambida.

Declan is newly two. Just today Warren says to him. You have two brothers. What are their names? He responds Oink Oink. Yesterday at school he hit Sonny. The teacher asked him to promise he would not hit Sonny again. He yells I will not promise. I will hit Sonny. At least he was honest.

Two more stories just because they melted my heart. My niece Audrey when she was in preschool brought something to school for show and tell. She told the class her Fairy Godmother Auntie Mary gived it to her.

My nephew Jimmy(Joey's biological brother) way back when I was 19 had four of the funniest things I ever heard a child say. First we where driving to see a movie and he asks me if I'm always going to call him booger. I tell him of course I am. In his big voice he tells me . THEN I'M NOT GOING TO DRIVE YOU IN MY CAR. Another time I was crying and he came in my room. Climbs up on my bed and looks at me with his big brown eyes. Auntie Mary don't cry. I will always take care of you. He was with me when I was choosing my wedding dress for the first marriage. He's in the fitting room making a loud shhhhh sound. Jimmy what are you doing? He proudly announces he's a colling system. Last but not least he's at my apartment.Drawing picture at the table. Comes walking in to the room I was in with a drawing behind his back. "Auntie Mary. I have a surprise for you." From behind his back he presents me with a drawing. "What is it?" He replies. "A very special air conditioner just for you." I still smile thinking of how silly and sweet that was.

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