Saturday, February 26, 2011

Today Declan is wearing Kushies Ultra Diapers,and I just wanted to share


I was turned on to Kushies by a mom I work with. She was like me in the desire to stay home with her baby as long as possible. Neither one of us have the luxury of being stay-at-home moms living in the Bay Area. She was desperate and another online mom took pity on her and sent her some used Kushies. Not knowing about all the choices or even were to shop I took to the Internet and discovered Kushies were pretty cheap. I ordered five for $55 at

At first I hated them because they made my baby have a butt like Grimace. It wasn't until Sonny weighed about 20 pounds before I started to use them pretty regularly. They seem towork better on a larger baby. On the other hand, Kushies are by far the easiest of my stash to use. Kushies Ultra are an all-in one diaper that is unique in design since it has a long flap inside.The flap works as a built in doubler. There are no pockets, and you can machine wash and dry them. Often they are the diaper I put in the diaper bag for daycare because they work simular to a disposable diaper. On the other hand, the flap is part of the reason they are so bulky. This makes the Kushies Ultra good for a long car trip but bad for a playdate in the park because of its limited movement.

When you buy them they come in a package of five. The prints are neutral and plain. We got a ducky, a swirl polka dot, a light green, a light yellow and a white. Over the four years I have owned them I have lost a couple and chose not to replace them. On a scale of one to five they are a three. I would recommend only if you were strapped for money, because they are less expensive than disposible diapers and not as cute or baby firendly as my other cloth diapers.

I should mention Kushies has some awesome products, including flushable diaper liners that make getting rid of a poopy effortless. I will be reviewing their training pants in a later post.

Kushies - Reusable Ultra Diapers for Toddlers - 5 Pack
Kushies Flushable Biodegradable Diaper Liners

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