Monday, March 28, 2011

It's not Tuesday but I'll tackle it anyhow

So if your a working Mom you know that tackling anything on a Tuesday wont happen. You tackle all the big tasks on Saturday or Sunday. This is my norm. Today and tomorrow Warren is in Florida at a Mortgage convention. This gives me a few days off of work. I have to be home to transport kids to school and from, as this is a daily job Warren usually does.

I originally thought of going somewhere but it's been so wet her I thought I'd make a to do list and just get it done. Isn't it nice to come home to a clean house when you've been on a trip?

Today's list of things to do will be done with the help or my 4 year old and 2 year old. Not really but they will definitely increase the work for me I'm sure.

First things first. I need to start up the slow cooker. In my meal I will include boneless thigh meat, black beans and diced onions. Tonight when it all is soft and pulls apart it will be the topping on a bed or tortilla chips and covered with shredded cheese.

Next my bed room will be spot less. New sheets, dusted furniture, vacuumed and clothing thinned out for good will,and my bathroom cleaned top to bottom This should be complete by lunch time. I'm thinking today is a Mac & Cheese day.

While the boys are napping I'm going to trim my shrubs in the front yard and clean up all the berries knocked of this giant messy bush in the front yard that have started there own compost looking stuff on my driveway. I don't think it's going to rain today.

When the boys get up we'll drop off the good will bags and pick up Joe from school. Stop at Walmart for a wall clock. We cancelled cable recently and keeping time without their box has become challenging. Come home for snacks and I'll clean the office/playroom and maybe the kitchen could use a deeper clean than daily.

Tomorrow if there is still no rain. The yard has been calling me. I'm ready to get my hands dirty again at watch my boys play in the dog water dish.

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