Friday, April 1, 2011

For the love of cats

I could leave these photos wordless but I have to tell. This is Pumpkin our family cat. In jest I often call him my favorite child. He is my sweet fur baby. Tonight coming home with the kids Pumpkin came out from under my car. Thin, messy covered with mud. I'm talking gooey mud head to tell. What an April fools joke. I get to give my cat a bath. I took him in to our bathroom and closed the door. I wiped him down with towels as he smeared mud all over my walls trying to get away. I finally gave up when kitty nipped at my arm.  I took him and put him in the shower with a quick steam of warm water until the mud in his fur ran clear. I felt like I was torturing my poor fur baby, that he would never forgive me. I had no other choice with the amount of mud on him. I then got the biggest beach towel in the house and wrapped him like a baby. Held him close until he was dry enough not to be dripping. He calmed enough to give me a loving pure. If it's not absolutely needed and for the love of cats. They bath them selves an lot better and safer than you.

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