Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chicks Day 3

One of my girls did not look so good this morning. I fear she may be slipping away. She was laying all spralled out and eyes sealed shut. I could hold her with out any struggling and she will lay on her back in my palm. This is so heart breaking that something so small and sweet may not get a chance to live a full chicken life. My kids call her DeeDee after DeeDee Ramon. ( The Romones are my husbands influence on my children.) 
This is DeeDee. Looking a little better than I found her this morning.

Sally on the other hand is fiesty. She wil jump into my hand and eat food. She pecks at my finger nails runs all through our make shift brooder. I am kind of nervous Sally may be a rooster. Only time will tell.
This is perky little Sally.

 I called the feed store when I picked up the tiny girls on Saturday. The guy told me some times chicks just don't make it. He told me I could come down and pick up another chick. They don't have any more buff Brahmas but there where a lot of pullets to choose from. I choose a whit crested black Polish. For now I'll call her Blacky since my children has not met her yet.

Our new white crsted black Polish. Two days old.

This is what she should look lke full grown.

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